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The Enchanted Galapagos Islands

These world-famous islands make up Ecuador's first and largest national park. Established in 1959, the park includes 13 major islands, 6 small islands, and 42 islets (some barely big enough to set foot upon). It is not the volcanic islands that attract most visitors, but rather the renowned wildlife endemic to the islands, located 600 miles from the nearest continent. Giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, waved albatrosses, and marine iguanas roam around in what Darwin described as a "living laboratory" of evolution.

Through the evolutionary process, climate, ocean currents and the comparative lack of predatory enemies including man, the Galapagos became one of the strangest and most compelling places in our planet.  Flora and fauna arriving on different “roads” across the waters from the mainland, colonized the original Galapagos lava beds.

To discover the Galapagos Islands is to discover nature in its purest state!  Do come and enjoy:
•    Diving
•    Cruises
•    Snorkeling
•    Short excursions
•    Birdwatching
•    Sea kayaking
•    Fishing
•    Photographing
There are 3, 4 and 7 night cruises to the Galapagos Islands. Prices depend on cruise category and the number of nights you choose to spend in Galapagos.  Cruise prices include accommodation based in double occupancy, all meals, daily excursions guided by naturalist English speaking guides, transportation within the islands.  Take into consideration prices do not include airfare either from Quito or from Guayaquil to the Galapagos Islands, as well as Galapagos National Park entrance fee, beverages, tips and extras.INCA HOLIDAYS works with the best yatches & vessels in the Galapagos Islands and we are pleased to offer you luxury, first class, tourist superior and economic cruises.  From our experience we certainly suggest to choose either a luxury or a first class category programs to assure certain level of comfort.

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